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Alumni +

Alumni Plus is a social networking application specially designed for alumni management of colleges and universities. It can be pri-vately owned and operated by each institution. This is a cost-effective hosted service which the colleges can make use without owning a separate Domain name and server space.

Alumni Plus helps colleges to create private communities and enables its alumni to get in touch each other and enhances existing relationships through which the college can have a group of well wishers.

Alumni Plus also has an integrated Job Assist program which will help your alumni to find a better career.

Technology: PHP, My SQL

Alumni Plus System Requirements:Firefox 3.6, Internet Explorer 6.0, Google Chrome


Major System Functionalities
User Modules
  • User Profile
  • Member Search
  • Friends List
  • Albums
  • Messaging
  • News
  • Events
  • Blogs
  • Public and Private BBS
  • Groups
  • Donation collection
  • Notice
  • Contact Administrator
Administration Modules
  • Member Management
  • Access logs and analysis
  • Mail management.
  • News management
  • Notice management
  • Classifieds management
  • Event management
  • Blog Management
  • BBS Management
  • Group Management
  • User page setup
  • Home page management
  • Email template management
  • Access right management
  • Database Management


Alumni Plus Brochure


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