Indocosmo Systems Pvt. Ltd provides support and guidance to start a business in India. India is a growing destination, we welcome every industry to come out to be a part of the growth. Indocosmo systems can offer the following services Identify the business where a foreign investor can start operation in India.

Step I.

  • Identify the business category under the government rules.
  • Based on the category of business obtain necessary permissions to commence business.

Step II.

  • Register company in India
  • Identify a business partner if necessary.
  • Set up office in India.
  • Obtain necessary permission to commence business.
  • Identify Land for factories and business.
  • Negotiate Land and make agreements.
  • Purchase of Land
  • Coordinate the projects with architects and other agencies.
  • Vendor evaluation and negotiation.
  • Monitoring of projects.
  • Liaising with government agencies to obtain the Licence to commence operations.

Step III.

  • IT related support.
  • Designing of Management information systems, implementation of security and services.
  • Manpower related support.
  • Relocation of staff
  • Back office support for the day today operations