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It's a challenge to provide an entire family with balanced, nutritional meals that meet individual needs and tastes. How to achieve that while meeting the specific needs of individuals of all ages? Here is a Healthware that aids you to enhance your nutritional well-being. This health adviser helps you safeguarding your family's health.

Eating is a passion for some but regulated intake of nutrients is essential to Maintain Health. How to achieve this..?

In NutriCare system, you'll find answers to your health doubts and you will find detailed nutrition information, plus unique analysis tools that tell you more about how foods affect your health and make it easier to choose healthy foods.

This is a Complete Nutrition Management System capable of calculating the nutrition value obtained in the daily food intake and then compare it with the standard values to make up for the daily dietary requirements.

This software is also useful for an organization where food standards are mandatory and legally required.

The master section is used to create the different types of settings that act as basic input in the entire application. Menu creation is the most important section in which different types of customized menus can be created. These specific menus will decide the quality of food which will provide the recommended dietary allowance of the user.

Search section is customized for any kind of food search depending upon the input parameters passed by the user.
Technology:Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Windows Presentation Foundation, SQL Compact Edition 3.5.
Nutricare System Requirements:Windows XP or Later, Microsoft Dotnet Framework 3.5, Windows Installer 3.1, WPFToolkit, Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 Setup.

Nutricare Features
  • Personal profile
  • Body weight analysis with recommendations.
  • Daily nutrient recommendations.
  • Medical records management.
  • Goal setting for weight management.
  • Nutrient values of more than 600 ingredients.
  • Nutritive value of dishes.
  • Recipe developer.
  • A collection of 600 recipes.
  • Recipe analyzer.
  • Recipe Analyzer
  • Menu planner.
  • Management of grocery list.
  • Health calculators.
Way to Ayurvedic Life
  • Know your food
  • Know your body nature
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