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An Enterprise point-of-sales system is needed to facilitate the ever changing requirements of any shop and address the needs of all stakeholders namely Business Owner, Shop Owners and Operators.

Business Owners:

  • Our POS provides real timemonitoring and onlineconsolidated reports.
    • Reports are accessible from anywhere.
    • The web based management and MIS module allows the business owner to keep track of everything conveniently.
  • POS makes it easy to increase number of outlets through the system.
    • Business owner can easily add new shops and outlets whenever required.
  • It provides provisions for future growth and requirements.
    • Our system provides integration with third party software such as Tally.
    • It also provides integration with different POS hardware.

Shop Owners :

  • Our POS system is easy to install and operate.
  • It helps in effective and efficient store management using minimum manpower.
  • It comes with all globally used POS features built-in.
  • It provides easy and seamless interfacing with third party software, accounting, payroll etc.

The Operators :

  • Our POS system is easy to learn and operate.
    • It has user friendly touch Screens.
    • Its operational flows are straightforward.
    • It provides quick and accurate reports.

A general off-the-shelf POS system supports a single shop. But, our POS is a tailor made point-of-sales system with Centralized control, Real-time monitoring of sales, Global accessibility and Ability to manage each shop as an individual entity, and thus can be implemented to suit your needs.

Highlights :

  • Industry Standards :
    • Supports industry standard POS equipment.
  • Simplicity & Ease of Use
    • Customized for multiple outlets operations. Easy to learn and use.
  • Multi-Platform
    • Developed using maintainable technology platform.
    • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • WEB and DESKTOP modes
    • Provides WEB based HQ and back office management features.
    • Provides DESKTOP based front office management features.
  • 100% Live Data
    • Synchronizes with HQ Database for real-time and consolidated reports.
  • Low maintenance cost
    • Simple to install with automated software updates.
  • Scalability
    • Our POS system is fully scalable from single shops which have their own standalone POS installs, to large multi shop chains which access a central database thereby proving full synchronization of the data.

POS provides a complete Back and Front Office menagement system to perform the various activities including:

  • Sales & Purchase Management
  • Discounts.
  • Orders and Payments.
  • Sales promotions
  • Stock Management
  • Cost Management
  • People (HR) Management
  • Shift management.
  • Attendance.
  • Policy Management

Our POS system takes security considerations and reliability very seriously.

  • Application’s database will be maintained centrally at the HQ. The HQ Server will be fully secured with encrypted password protection with industry standard password policies.
  • Alloutlets will be accessing the same database from different locations.Each store will have its own STATIC IP addresses and server WILL NOT accept any request from any other sources other than those of the designated stores which are known to the server. Only designated IPs can access the server.
  • Alternatively, a VPN network cross all the outlets and HQ can also be setup such that the whole setup works exactly like a LAN with all its security.
  • Considering the internet connectivity performance and possible downtimes, a replica of each store’s database subset will be maintained locally and it will be continually synchronized with the centralized database.
  • Online replication will be set across a backup server to safe guard the data and application uptime.
  • Scheduled backups and database maintenance are provided.
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