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Every restaurant needs a best-in-class, efficient, easy to use and enterprise level sales management system. Here we have a system which meets all these requirements.

At Indocosmo, we understand that the needs and requirements of each client will vary. This is why our complete, yet modular, package of software, hardware and support services can be refined to optimize the operations of restaurant types ranging from a single unit shop to multi-outlet chains.

From us you get ready-to-use, fully-supported solutions that guarantee satisfaction.


Business Owners
  • Real-time dashboard allows owners to see how well their business is doing anytime, anywhere through any smart phone, tablet, notebook or PC.
  • Allows multi-stores to be managed centrally
  • Remotely manage menu and products and monitor sales and costs.
  • Sends messages to POS terminals via Web to staffs in the restaurant.
  • Quick to install, easy to operate, effective and efficient store management system with minimum labour needed: more time for customer and business.
  • Easy to learn and use, minimize mistakes, robust, saves time.
  • Works even if Internet is down.


Lowers cost of deployment

Supporting industry standard POS devices .Low CPU and memory requirements allows for cheaper hardware and touch screen device.

Increase staff productivity

Having intuitive User Interface. Easy to learn and use. Increase staff productivity and lowers staff training costs.

Business monitoring from anywhere, anytime

Allows managers to set menu item and prices remotely and view real-time and consolidated sales data and reports.

100% Uptime

100% uptime guaranteed with offline synchronization on cloud server support.

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