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eezBake is a cloud enabled retail sales, inventory, production management system for retailers of any size, staring from a single outlet to multi outlet chains.

eezBake runs on Windows, Linux and Android platforms. The software is cloud-based, allowing access to the administrative functions from anywhere on any device.

The Point of Sale module fully utilizes the cutting-edge multi-touch capabilities available in today's market, allowing users to navigate the menu easily and efficiently.

It also supports all standard hardware peripherals such as printers, scanners, payment terminals, and weighing scales.

Though the eezBake is connected to the cloud in real-time, it still runs offline in case the Internet connection is lost.


Lowers cost of deployment

Supporting industry standard POS devices. Low CPU and memory requirements allows for cheaper hardware and touch screen device.

Increase staff productivity

Having intuitive User Interface. Easy to learn and use. Increase staff productivity and lowers staff training costs.

Business monitoring from anywhere, anytime

Allows managers to set menu item and prices remotely and view real-time and consolidated sales data and reports.

100% Uptime

100% uptime guaranteed with offline synchronization on cloud server support.

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