Software Development

Enterprise solutions

Indocosmo provides premium Enterprise solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. We excel in helping our clients in migrating from legacy systems to custom solutions to ensure that they get the best possible returns while investing minimal resources. We are skilled in providing custom made accounting solutions, ERP solutions etc.

iOS Development

iPhone and iPad were among the pioneer to spread the idea of ‘apps’ among user. They exudea premium feel. Our skilled iOS development team strive to maintain this feeling of excellence with our iOS apps. They constantly research and analyse the potentials of this platform and assure that our iOS apps are of the highest quality and meet all the iOS platform standards.

Android Development

Android is an evolving mobile platform making its presence felt in the smartphone and mobile device markets. Being cost effective and mobile, android is aggressively penetrating the markets, as is the field of Android gaming. We help our clients leverage this market penetration by developing cutting edge android apps that are appealing in design and tailored to meet our client requirements.

Web Development

The web has become a hotspot for businesses to communicate with their prospects. An attractive online presence results in a long lasting and profitable relationship with customers. Our web applications cater to this need of our clients, boosting their stability, reliability and availability, thereby increasing their productivity.We ensure that our web applications met the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards as well as optimum backward compatibility so that our clients can provide the best possible experience to their customers.

On Site Projects (OSP)

Finding the appropriate resource with the desired skills, at the right time is a challenge for every organization. We at Indocosmo are committed to creating career paths by providing services to employers desiring to develop a diverse workforce. We strive to make the experience a success for the employers and the employees by making an in-depth analysis of our client’s organization, their requirements and recruiting procedures and providing the right kind of employees fit for their specific requirements.

Business Consultancy Services

We offer comprehensive consulting services. Small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) make up a sizable majority of Japanese and international markets. We prefer to establish a relationship with a younger operation and continue to nurture that relationship over the long term, and provide personal and specialized services to meet each of their specific needs.

Japanese Language Programme

One of the important business line of Indocosmo is the placement of trained technical professionals in companies in Japan. People who have a good computing technical skills like programming are shortlisted and they are provided Japanese language training programme.